Each tournament will have one (1) or more flights, set at the discretion of the 19th Hole Duffers Board of Directors. Each flight should have between 8 and 15 players. When necessary, a Scheid flight will be added for players without a Northern California Golf Association (NCGA) handicap.
Eligibility: All regular and junior members in good standing are eligible to participate in regular tournaments.
Suspension of Eligibility: Any player deemed guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct by the 19th Hole Duffers Board of Directors (i.e., fighting, deliberate impairment of play, deliberate posting of erroneous scores, or failure to post scores) may be suspended from club play after ten (10) days written notice and the right to appear before the Board of Directors. A vote of two thirds of the Board of Directors, at any regular meeting, or a special meeting called for such purpose, shall be required to approve such action.
Rules of Play: Play ready golf. Except as modified by local rules, all tournaments will be played according to the United States Golf Association (USGA) Rules of Golf (i.e., play the ball as it lies and putt out all putts – no gimmies). All members are encouraged to obtain and read the USGA Rules of Golf.
Ten (10) Stroke Maximum: To speed up play, players have the option of scoring a maximum of ten (10) strokes on any hole. The hole on the score card must have an "X" next to the score. Any player who exercises this option is not eligible for any of the flight prizes.
Potential Out Of Bounds or Lost Ball: If a player feels their shot may be either out of bounds or lost, they should play a Provisional ball. This is a key component in keeping up pace of play.  NOTE: The Board has decided that for all 19th Hole Duffers tournaments, we will adopt the new (as of 2019) local rule allowing you to take a 2-stroke penalty if you neglected to hit a provisional and don't want to return to the location from which you hit the ball and take stroke and distance.  The local rule is described here (see the heading "Model Local Rule E-5).
Remember, you can lose balls in the rough just off the fairway on some of the courses we play, so if you don't see your ball, or are virtually certain it has landed in the fairway, you should play a Provisional.
Also remember that if you are virtually certain your ball landed in a hazard, you should not hit a Provisional as it can not be used. If your ball is in the hazard, you should play by the rules of hazards.
Remember, provisionals are our friends!
Winter Rules: The 19th Hole Duffers President will advise when Winter Rules are in effect, and the specific instructions on how to apply the Winter Rule.
Entry Fees: Entry fees will be set by the 19th Hole Duffers Board of Directors based on green fees, cart fees, and prize funds. Entry fees are subject to change based on adjustments made by the golf course.
Sign Up: Advanced sign up is required for all tournaments unless otherwise noted. Members who sign up for a tournament after the specified cutoff date for payment shall be put on a waiting list and will be assigned a starting time on a first come, first served basis. Mailed payments must be post marked on or before the stated cutoff date to avoid being added to the waiting list. Starting times will be reserved only for those players signed up on or before the cutoff date. Please sign up on this site,, in the Tournament Registration area of the Events page.  Contact the Tournament Director if you do not have instructions or have problems.
Guests: Guests of members are welcome to sign up for any of our tournaments. Members are responsible for their guest's conduct and any fees or penalties imposed.
Cancellations: Players may withdraw from a tournament prior to the sign up cutoff date without penalty. Cancellation after the cutoff date will subject the player to any fee imposed by the host course involved. The club will refund monies not charged to the club.
Course Sign In: Players will be at the tournament site at least thirty (30) minutes before their tee time.
No Shows: Players who have signed up and fail to show up at the tournament site will forfeit all tournament fees.
Rain Policy: The golf course decides whether or not the tournament is played, based on the playability of the course. If the tournament is canceled prior to commencement of play, the Tournament Coordinator will attempt to notify members.
Score Cards: Two (2) score cards will be used per foursome, with all four (4) players on each card. Each twosome will keep score for everyone in the foursome. All cards must have: Player's last name, First initial; Total score; Slope index; and Net score when turned in, as well as total putts. Each card must be signed by the scorer and attested by one (1) member of the twosome on the card. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
Disputes: Disputes affecting tournament results must be resolved by the players involved before turning in the score card. All scores are final once turned in, and may not be corrected after that time. Any inaccuracies noted on the card will be handled under the USGA Rules of Golf. Ruling of the course professional on the interpretation of the Rules of Golf will be final. All other disputes will be decided by the Handicap Chairman or his/her designee.
Tie Scores: All ties will be decided as recommended by the USGA. Example: Matching score cards determined by the best net score for the last nine (9) holes. If the tying players have the same net score for the last nine (9) holes, determine the winner on the basis of net score on the last six (6) holes, last three (3) holes and finally the 18th hole.
Prizes: Three (3) prizes in each flight; fifty (50) percent of total flight prize to first place; thirty (30) percent of total flight prize to second place; and twenty (20) percent of total flight prize to third place. Other prizes will be awarded as determined by the 19th Hole Duffers Board of Directors. Guests are only eligible to win closest to the pin contests and prizes for the Scheid flight, if applicable for the specific tournament.
Posting: 19th Hole Duffers Handicap Chairperson will post all tournament scores.
Hole-In-One: Any 19th Hole Duffers member who has a hole-in-one during a club tournament will receive one hundred dollars ($100). All hole-in-one claims must be verified by a member of the playing foursome.
Handicaps: One hundred (100) percent handicaps to a maximum of thirty six (36) for men and a maximum of forty (40) for women will be used for all tournaments.
Tees: In general, for a given tournament at a given course, the Tournament Director will designate a tee for the women to play from and a tee for the men to play from. If a Senior Player (age plus handicap index >= 100) chooses to "Tee It Forward", they will be allowed to play one set of tees forward with a corresponding reduced course handicap. If you are interested in Teeing It Forward on one of our tournaments, please be sure to mention that when you sign up.